NBA Stars Reaction When Reporter Asks Him To Not Swear About Trump Is PRICELESS (VIDEO)

The NBA’s Kyle Lowry was asked for his reaction on Trump’s Muslim ban and he didn’t even flinch before calling the whole thing “bullshit.”

“I think it’s absolute bullshit. I mean our country is the home of the free and for that to happen I think is bullshit. I mean I’m not going to get into it too deeply but personally I think it’s bullshit.”

Lowry’s remarks mirror what many Americans are feeling about Trump’s executive order that effectively bans many Muslims – even those with dual citizenships – from entering the United States. Democratic lawmakers have called bullshit.

Judges have called bullshit.

And we the people have called bullshit in airports around the country – sometimes using the colorful language that properly describes our anger.

But apparently the use of the word “bullshit” to describe the bullshit policy was too much for the reporter, who asked Lowry if he wanted to rephrase the answer without the swearing. Lowry’s response:


“No. Not at all. Y’all got to bleep that out. That’s how I feel about it. If you use [this interview] you use it.”

This is America’s way of fighting back against Trump’s lies. When he spouts bullshit, we call bullshit.

Watch Lowry’s great interview below:

Featured image via Twitter

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