Nazis Humiliated After Being Rescued By Refugee Ship When Their Boat Fails At Sea

This is just hilarious.

A lot of refugees have been fleeing North Africa and the Middle East to seek asylum in Europe. Many of them risk their lives by trying to cross the Mediterranean by boat.

Of course, right-wing bigots hate refugees and are trying to do everything they can to stop them from landing on the shores of Europe.

So they crowd funded in order to get boats so that they can go out to sea and harass refugees, many of whom are barely surviving in makeshift rafts in a desperate bid for a better life.

These white supremacists even go so far as to prevent refugee rescue ships from aiding the immigrants, often harassing them and trolling them.

They even use bullhorns to scream their bullshit and whine in order to intimidate refugees and their rescuers.

The racist group calls themselves “Defend Europe,” and they are nothing more than neo-Nazis who oppose immigration and have zero compassion for the men, women, and children who just want to live in peace.

But during a recent run to harass immigrants, the group’s boat stalled in the middle of the sea.

The group tweeted that their boat called “C-Star” had encountered a “technical difficulty” and was not in distress.

But it turns out that the engine failed and they couldn’t get it started again. So, Italian authorities asked a refugee rescue ship named Sea-Eye to pick them up and bring them back to shore.

That’s right. The anti-immigrant bigots who bully refugees are literally being rescued by a ship that helps refugees.

This is absolutely priceless and so was the reaction on Twitter, which was mostly laughter.

Perhaps “Defend Europe” will have a little more respect for the refugee rescue ships now and will better understand the dangers that refugees face at sea. But, probably not.

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