Nazi Rag Praises God For Trump’s Response To Charlottesville, And ‘God’s’ Reply Is PERFECT


It’s really sad that this is America, today, in 2017, where we’re talking about Nazi and other white supremacist groups spreading their hateful messages throughout a land that’s supposed to be full of opportunity for all. It’s 2017 and this nation’s pretend leader has a pathetic response to it, instead of harshly condemning it like Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe did. And it’s really disgusting that these groups are praising Trump for his response, because he basically just said he’s on their side and now they feel emboldened by it. Take a look below:

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The funny thing is that @TheTweetOfGod, otherwise known as “God” on Twitter, has something to say to this and it’s amazing. They’re saying “God bless Trump,” and “God” is saying:

Many of these people call themselves Christians, but they are anything but, and that’s part of the reason for this Twitter account. It serves as a counter for all the un-Christian things that the religious right in general, and the Nazis and white nationalists in specific, believe.

The Daily Stormer is nothing but a mouthpiece for these people who shouldn’t even exist. Today, in the aftermath, they’re bragging about their numbers from yesterday during the incidents, along with how their page with their timeline of events is now a piece of history. In that, they aren’t wrong, but it’s not a piece of history for the reasons they think.

They tried to disavow James Alex Fields, Jr.—who plowed into a crowd of anti-racists yesterday during the “protest,” injuring dozens and killing several—by saying that they think he’s Jewish. Being who they are, it’s not surprising that they’d acknowledge he’s white and right-wing, but not “one of them” because he’s Jewish.

That absolves them of responsibility in their warped minds.

“God’s” response to their praise of Trump is perfect.

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