Nationally Acclaimed Wine Expert Gives Absolutely Hilarious Brutal Review Of Trump Wine

Trump wine

Earlier this year Donald Trump found it appropriate to plug his family’s nearby winery when addressing the tragic death of Heather Heyer, a counter-protester killed by a Trump-supporting white supremacist at the “Unite the Right” hate rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

However, in an article, Vanity Fair writer Corby Kummer recalled a recent meal experience at Trump’s International Hotel in Washington, D.C in which his friend, who he described as a “nationally known wine expert,” had some interesting things to say about the president’s infamous Trump wine.

Krummer also recounted how their waiter seemed almost too embarrassed to serve them the wine.

“We sell these because we have to,” the waiter reportedly said with a “theatrical eye-roll.”

After tasting the 2015 Trump Meritage, Kummer’s expert friend likened the experience to drinking “Welch’s grape jelly with alcohol.” He went into further detail describing it as “A terrible, fumy, alcoholic nose. If I served you that on an airline you’d be mad.”

However, his friend did give Trump’s “Blanc de Blanc” wine a slightly more positive review stating flatly, “It’s fine.”

“It doesn’t offend,” he continued. “I’d get drunk on it at a wedding.” After a pause, he added: “let’s be honest, I’d get drunk on anything at a wedding.”

Kummer’s friend isn’t the only wine expert to hate Trump’s overpriced fermented grape juice, here’s a hilarious review from Vinepair of Trump’s 2014 Viognier.

“VP: I actively dislike this wine. You know when you walk through the department store and they’re spraying perfume and you accidentally walk through it?

Victoria: Pungent. Like cheap perfume. I actually love the sparkling now, compared to this.

VP: I’m terrified about these reds.

Victoria: I’m sure they both taste the same. Which one’s more expensive?

VP: Let’s see . . .you know, I can’t believe Trump doesn’t drink at all.

Victoria: Does he even eat? I imagine he gets some kind of injection.

VP: I’m sure. So, the Meritage is $20 and the New World is $30. And it showcases their “best terroir.” That’s why it’s more expensive.”

With all the critical pressing issues facing the U.S. and the rest of the world, we should fully expect Trump to make discrediting this article his top priority as he sets to put his greasy little thumbs to work on Twitter.

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