Mueller Has Facebook’s Records On Russian Ad Buys, And It Is BAD News For Trump


Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is overseeing the Department of Justice’s probe into Russian meddling in our election, has obtained records of suspicious ad purchases from Facebook via search warrants. While this particular revelation might appear to be worse for Facebook than anyone in the Trump administration, former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti took to Twitter to explain why this might be worse for Trump than even his son’s meeting with a Russian lawyer to get dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Mariotti first notes that if Mueller had a warrant, it means he’d concluded that foreigners were making contributions to our electoral process. If anyone in the Trump administration helped, they’re in a world of trouble now.

Why? We already know that foreigners can’t legally contribute in any way to our elections. That’s a crime, but it’s also a crime to aid and abet a crime. Ad buys targeted to American voters that are designed to influence our elections are considered contributions. According to Mariotti, if anyone in the Trump administration knew about this and helped in a tangible way, they’re guilty of aiding and abetting a hostile foreign power.

They wouldn’t have to have been actively involved in the whole process, or even know everyone involved, either. It would be enough if they agreed to play just a small role. Mariotti says this carries considerably more weight with the law than Don Jr.’s meeting with the Russian attorney because it’s really difficult to claim ignorance of the law or of intent on this (because DUH). The Russians involved with the ad buys had a clear intent to sway American voters toward Trump. One would have to be blind not to know that.

As such, it would be really difficult for anyone in the Trump administration (or really, any American at all) to say, “Oh, gee, I didn’t know what they were doing, or that it was illegal. Sorry.” A jury would be inclined to convict regardless of how loudly the defendant screamed, “I DIDN’T KNOW!!”

At the end of his thread, Mariotti says that if he “represented someone who was caught up in this part of the investigation, [he’d] be very worried.”

As a current attorney and former federal prosecutor, he’d know better than the average person what kind of implication Mueller’s information has for the Trump administration. Now, it’s entirely possible that nobody knew about the ad buys, let alone played even the smallest role in them, but with other evidence piling up against Trump and his lackeys, that looks less and less likely.

Read Mariotti’s full thread below:

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