MSNBC Finally Listens To Progressive Fans, FIRES Fox Shill Greta Van Susteren

Ever since the return of Andrew Lack as head of the traditionally progressive network MSNBC, there have been disturbing changes in the line-up. The daytime line-up of progressive shows was replaced with straight news, powerful voices like Joy Reid and Rev. Al Sharpton have been relegated from primetime slots to weekend mornings, and more conservative voices have been added instead. One such voice was ex-Fox News host Greta Van Susteren.

Van Susteren’s show, For the Record with Greta, was really just an MSNBC version of her Fox show, On the Record with Greta. In fact, it was pretty much a replica, with the slight name change to avoid lawsuits. The show lasted six months, and, unsurprisingly, the network’s progressive fanbase was not happy. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I switched to CNN the second MTP Daily was over so as not to have to watch Fox Lite on MSNBC. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. In fact, I was so angry I actually wrote an open letter to MSNBC regarding their lurch to the right. It looks like the network is finally listening, because Greta Van Susteren is gone now, to be replaced with NBC News Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber.

On Thursday, as she was prepping for her show, Van Susteren was informed that she was done at the progressive network after just six months. She tweeted the news:

Now, I am sure Greta is a lovely lady, but she simply does not belong at MSNBC. It’s time for Phil Griffin and Andy Lack to realize who their network’s viewers are. We aren’t closed minded – we watch other networks as well – but we do not tune in to MSNBC to watch right-wing talking heads.

Now, if only they’d wise up and get rid of Trump shill Hugh Hewitt, and put some progressive shows on during the day again, we’d be on the way to getting our network back.

Featured image via Nancy Ostertag/Getty Images

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