Most Americans Are Willing To Give Up This MAJOR Thing To Get Trump Impeached (IMAGE)

When Donald Trump became President of the United States, most of us spent many nights drowning our sorrows with alcohol, terrified about what this would mean for our country. For a while, it seemed that the only way America could possibly handle the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty of having such an incompetent monster in the White House would be with the help of alcoholic beverages. But now, Americans are saying they’d give up their lifeline in a heartbeat to kick him the f*ck out.

According to a new study, most Americans would give up alcohol in a heartbeat to see Trump get impeached. In a study of over 1,000 men and woman across the country, almost 73% of Democrats and 17% of Republicans stated that they would give up alcohol for life if it meant the process to remove Trump from office would begin. This was compared to how many Americans would quit drinking to get the media to stop writing negative articles about Trump – which Republicans polled at over 30%. Democrats polled at 6.5%.

This survey comes at a time when several lawmakers are pushing and drafting articles for Trump’s impeachment.

At this point, many believe that America’s move to impeach Trump is inevitable. Considering that there is various evidence that he obstructed justice – which is an impeachable offense – Trump’s conduct during his Russia investigation may just be the ticket. Others have stated that Trump’s conflicts of interest and business dealings could also be grounds for impeachment.

Trump was the candidate that most of us didn’t want, and even more people want him out now. Droves of Trump voters have come to regret their decision, and many Republican lawmakers are disgusted with his performance. According to the latest polls, Trump’s approval rating continues to be historically low, hovering around the upper 30s. More voters (43%) are in support of starting the removal process. While the process of impeachment is a long and complicated one, it’s clear that this is what most of America wants. Americans want Trump out so badly, they are willing to give up one of their biggest vices.

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