Mom Of Young Boy Shares His Hospital Bill To Show How Damaging Trumpcare Will Be (IMAGE

Under Trumpcare, Americans will be choosing between putting food on the table for their children or their health. Those options should not even be present, but thanks to Republicans, it will be.

If you don’t believe that, here is stone-cold proof:

The mother of a boy with a complicated healthcare history shared an image of one of his hospital bills, it includes all of his past and present procedures–if not for the last few lines that show what her existing insurance covers–she probably would have had to add heart attack treatment for herself to the list.

The mother summed up the cost in an addition tweet:

Then, she added her son’s medical history and how damaging Trumpcare is and will be:

Ali is the perfect advocate for her son and millions of other mothers who have to face this hardship as well. Having health-care coverage shouldn’t be about how wealthy someone is, the color of their skin, their background, or any other generic quality. It’s about giving someone a chance to live longer, healthier life. More importantly–it’s about saving a life. The fact that Republicans can look a family in the eye and tell them that their children are not worth saving anymore is disgusting and it further proves that they are hurting our nation, not making it great.




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