Mike Pence Returns To His Hometown, Finds Surprise Waiting For Him; He’s Going To Lose It

Vice President Mike Pence is expected to return to his hometown of Columbus, Indiana for Easter. Although his hometown is heavily surrounded by Christian-like activities, the town has adopted a new tradition that will surely have the VP running far away.

Pence, who is more commonly known as the evangelical Christian who believes in conversion therapy and practically hates the LGBTQ community, will be in a state of shock when he finds out that his town is hosting their first-ever pride festival all thanks to one courageous high school student.

Erin Bailey, a self-described progressive who’s lived in Columbus her entire life, was inspired to host a Pride film festival in nearby Bloomington for her final senior project assignment. While the city of fewer than 50,000 people is associated with America’s homophobic vice-president, the support for the festival was surprisingly impressive.

Bailey told The Cut:

“People in Columbus have been very supportive.”

“I appreciate them standing with me”

The teenager also described her town as “a little pocket in Indiana filled with culture,” and expressed her opinion about Mike Pence:

“The fact that it’s Mike Pence’s hometown made it even more perfect. I don’t agree with anything that he stands for.”

According to the Facebook event page, the festival is planned for April 14 and will feature educational booths, vendors, foods, and performances. Although it is unlikely for him to attend the festival, Pence’s spokesperson Alyssa Farah  did provide a statement:

“As a proud Hoosier and Columbus native, he’s heartened to see young people from his hometown getting involved in the political process.”

Though Bailey is humbled by the response, the clever student does not believe the Vice President is actually genuine:

“It’s nice he acknowledged what I’m doing, but I’m not sure how sincere it is.”

Bailey is certainly wise beyond her years because she knows Pence’s views are notably anti-LGBTQ. Even President Trump knows how much Pence despises that community, after stating that the VP wants to “hang gay people.” The thought of a pride festival happening in his own hometown is eating him up inside. Anything related to LGBTQ+ rights does not settle well with an anti-gay extremist. But good news for Indiana — Pence may not return again after this event launches.

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