Mike Pence Just Took A Tour Of NASA And Can’t Read One Of Their Signs; Twitter Goes Insane (IMAGE)

Vice President Mike Pence is the prime example as to why we can’t have nice things.

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Pence visited NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where he gave a speech declaring that President Trump will make the space agency great again (but didn’t vsay how he would actually do it). Pence then toured the campus facilities and stopped in the Orion clean room, where pieces of NASA’s capsule are being assembled. During this tour, Pence decided to place his hand on a piece of Orion spaceflight hardware — despite the fact that there was a sign attached to the article that read “DO NOT TOUCH.”

Of course, the internet blew up as many Twitter users discussed Pence’s idiocy:

This image is the perfect metaphor for the Republican Party, that is, the rules don;t apply to them and they think they are above the law. Typical…





Featured Image via Getty Images

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