Mike Pence Asks Americans To Call Representatives About Trumpcare – BIG Mistake

By now, you pretty much expect everything said by any representative of the Trump administration is going to be the dumbest f*cking thing you have heard since the last thing said by a member of the Trump administration, but they just won’t learn their lesson. On Monday, Vice President Mike Pence — a guy who creepily calls his wife “Mother” — asked Americans to call their representatives about Trumpcare.

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“This is the moment,” he says. “Now is the time.”

You know what you should never do with a bill that is polling so low that if it was human and percentages were ages Ted Nugent would write a song about double-teaming it with a cop? Ask people to weigh in. You should never ask people to weigh in. But Mike Pence opened up that can of worms.

Trumpcare is the least popular bill in three decades, with a recent USA today poll finding that only 12% of Americans support the Senate plan — and based on the reaction to Pence’s request on Twitter, people are listening to him. He’s also going to hate what’s happening:

The Trump administration is either oblivious or doesn’t care that this tax cut for the rich thinly disguised as a health care bill. Our money is on the latter. After all, Republicans are currently scrambling to buy stock in health insurers, all of whom stand to profit from being able to bilk customers by gouging prices for people with preexisting conditions and all of the other terrible things the Republican plan will let them do.

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