Mike Huckabee Just Raved About Trump’s ‘Stamina’ And It Got Really, Really Weird (VIDEO)

The unhindered loyalty that many Republicans continue to have for Donald Trump will be the downfall of the entire party in 2018. Even after Trump has been tweeting the most unforgivable, unpresidential messages over the past week, die-hard conservatives still fail to acknowledge the difference between right and wrong and stand firmly behind the child we have in the White House.

On Monday, failed GOP presidential candidate and Governor Mike Huckabee proved this to be true in an interview with Fox & Friends, where Huckabee weighed in on the video that Trump recently tweeted, in which he was violently body slamming CNN. Huckabee, of course, complimented Trump on his immature behavior.

Fox co-host Pete Hegseth joked about Trump’s constant tweeting, wondering how the POTUS has time for his presidential duties when he’s practically living on Twitter. Huckabee, in all seriousness, went on a rant about how “incredibly capable” Trump is and raved about his “stamina.” He said:

Trump is an incredibly capable person who has the stamina of three guys half his age.”

Apparently, Huckabee is unaware that Trump was all worn out after just two days of his first trip overseas, rendering him unable to carry out his presidential duties. And he’s ignoring the fact that Trump hasn’t accomplished anything in the six months he’s been in office. Then, Huckabee defended Trump’s ‘body-slamming’ WWE tweet, comparing it to a Shakespeare in the Park presentation of Julius Caesar, where the protagonist seems to represent Trump.

If there is a play in the park about Shakespeare and Donald Trump gets murdered on stage, that’s okay, that’s entertainment.

But somehow pro-wrestling is real.”

Huckabee has no idea what the hell he’s talking about, but Fox News probably couldn’t get anyone else to come on their show due to the extended holiday weekend. He’s highly misinformed, and his obsession with Trump has reached all new levels of creepiness with this interview. You can watch Huckabee kiss Trump’s orange a** below:

Featured image via Getty Images / Stringer

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