Melania’s Yellow Dress Today Was Gorgeous; But How Much It Cost Will Make You Vomit (IMAGE)

The Trump’s are rich. Or at least we assume they are because, after all, we have no idea how much they make because they won’t release their taxes. However, let’s just assume they’re rich.

When you’re supposed to be working for the people of the United States, however, and be a representative figure for all Americans, you should probably be mindful of what you’re wearing as to not appear ostentatious.

Melania Trump didn’t get the memo.

While greeting India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House, Melania decided to wear a gorgeous yellow Emilio Pucci dress.

Getty Images
Getty Images

And she’s beautiful in that dress. However, want to know how much that dress cost?


That’s right. More than many citizens in the United States make in a month.

Now, did Michelle Obama wear designer gowns? Sure she did. She often wore various designers at different big events. But we also saw Michelle in Banana Republic outfits, J Crew, and shopping at Target. She definitely came off far more as a woman of the people.

Nonetheless, that’s a lot of money Melania spent on a dress to wear at home on a Monday. Sure, she was meeting a foreign leader, but still. C’mon now. But to her credit, she does look amazing in it.

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