Melania’s Signature May Prove Something Very, Very Disturbing About Her Marriage (IMAGE)

Not only have we just found out what Melania Trump’s signature looks like, we just found out in a really, really bizarre way — through a letter posted by ‘Baywatch’ and Playboy alum, Pamela Anderson. Because in Donald Trump’s America, of course that’s how we would find out.

Apparently, on official White House stationary, Melania sent Anderson a thank you note for a fake fur. Anderson posted the note on Twitter:


A sweet enough note for a worthy cause, but what’s concerning to some is Melania’s signature, and people started posting the fact that her signature is nearly identical to that of her husband.


With many people wondering what the hell was going on, handwriting expert Sheila Kurtz weighed in. According to Yahoo! News:

Handwriting analyst Sheila Kurtz, the founder and CEO of New York-based Graphology Consulting Group and operator of, has been studying the handwriting of President Trump since before his reality show The Apprentice went on the air. A quick look at Melania’s signature on the Anderson note struck Kurtz as incredibly similar to President Trump’s before he took office.

“Hers looks just like his, which is absolutely amazing,” Kurtz told Yahoo Celebrity.”

In regards to if she may have just picked up her husband’s style of signature:

“Kurtz said no.

“This is stylized,” noted Kurtz, who has worked with companies to screen prospective employees. “Maybe they brought someone in to show her how to do it or [it’s] a stamp, but it is definitely stylized.””

They might have brought someone in to show her how to write her own name? Seriously. SERIOUSLY?! Melania can’t just sign her name?!

It’s more than obvious that the signatures are practically identical in style. Now, is this a big deal in the scheme of things? Probably not, OR maybe so. Of course, we’re don’t want to insinuate anything we don’t have proof of, but this is clearly very, very odd.

Who has a signature just like their spouse?

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