Melania Tweets Insensitive Photo While Her Husband Strips Millions Of Health Care (TWEET)

In the midst of  House Republicans passing a catastrophic bill that only benefits the wealthy, the First Lady decides to embrace her privileged lifestyle by tweeting a photo of herself with Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and her lunatic of a husband, Trump.

The tweet reads:

“@Potus and I celebrated 75th anniversary of Battle of the Coral Sea w/ Australia’s Prime Minister Turnbull”


Although Melania might think we care about her meeting with Australia’s Prime Minister (we don’t), we would much rather hear what she thinks about her husband’s Obamacare replacement. Of course, Twitter responded to her accordingly:

The Trump’s do not care whether or not hard-working Americans receive an affordable health care plan–as long as they can brag and celebrate themselves.








Featured Image via Getty Images

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