Melania Sends Out Ridiculous Tweet During G20 Summit; The Internet Makes Her Pay

Traveling with the President for the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany,the first lady has had quite the trip. From casually popping in on a high-stakes diplomatic meeting, and dining beside Russian President Vladimir Putin, Melania has shown that she is enjoying the spotlight just as much as her husband.

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Much like her husband, Melania has adapted to the Twitter world, using her social media account to explain what happens when countries “work together.”

Tweeting was her first mistake; her second mistake was acting as though her and Trump had a physical role in helping countries work together. Twitter took this opportunity to give her a reality check:

Melania should know first-hand that her husband is unable to work efficiently with other countries. Instead, he humiliates our nation by belittling our allies and fawning over Putin on the world stage.



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