Melania Responds To Charlottesville Riots And The Internet Reacts Immediately (TWEETS)

While a bunch of white supremacists gather in Charlottesville, Virgina, because they’re apparently pissed a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee is going to be taken down, the rest of the country is reacting to the hatred and violence.

One person who was remarkably silent was Donald Trump, who has only just put up really bland, blanket statements surrounding the riots in Charlottesville, not really saying which side is the hateful side. Interesting, right?

Especially interesting considering he’s so hateful himself.

But what the internet seems to really be reacting to is the tweet from Melania Trump, who actually tweeted before her husband, but still hasn’t gotten her anti-online bullying initiative started. Most likely because that would mean calling out her husband.

Melania tweeted:

“Our country encourages freedom of speech, but let’s communicate w/o hate in our hearts. No good comes from violence.

First of all, is she condemning the white supremacy or not? It’s certainly not very clear. Secondly, if she thinks people shouldn’t communicate with hate in their hearts, she should probably forward that message to her husband considering that’s all he seems to know how to do.

The internet was quick to react and let her know if she’s gonna condemn hate speech, it should start at home:

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