Melania Makes Rare On-Camera Appearance As Trump Strangely Watches On (VIDEO)

Something you’re all likely dying to know is how Melania Trump is adjusting to life inside the White House. Well, wonder no more. In a rare on-camera appearance, Melania just revealed how she and her son Barron are acclimating to their new environment. After all, they spent the first several months of Trump’s presidency still living in New York City.

However, now that she’s done wasting taxpayer dollars in NYC, she seems to be settling into the White House nicely.

Melania answered questions from Fox & friends’ Ainsley Earhardt, and told the Fox host that she’s enjoying the White House very much, and she loves it there.

However, the weird part about all of this is how Donald Trump stood there looking on. He definitely seemed to be watching her every word to seemingly make sure she was saying all the right things. He would frown and then nod and then wait and then frown and then nod and then wait and then give an awkward grin. Melania almost seemed like she was under house arrest making her proof of life video.

Nonetheless, she should enjoy her time in the White House while it lasts, because her husband stands a very real chance of going to prison soon.

Watch the video here:

Featured photo via video screen capture

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