Melania In An Uproar After Trump Just Retweeted Protester Calling For Her Rape

It’s no secret that Donald Trump doesn’t pay much attention to whose ideas he’s spouting, so long as they appear to agree with him or support him or his ideas in some way. But the problem he often runs into is that he ends up agreeing with someone he shouldn’t agree with – like when he briefly appeared to accept a clean DACA bill from Democrats a few days ago until he was reminded by his handlers that Democrats were the bad guys – or he aligns himself with some unsavory characters.

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Take his Twitter habits for example: It wasn’t that long ago that Trump caught flak from all sides when he retweeted some inflammatory anti-Muslim videos that had been posted by a far-right white supremacist group called Britain First. The leaders of that group have since been convicted of hate crimes, although Trump has never apologized for amplifying their messages. In fact, he never even removed the retweets — they’re only gone from his timeline because they’ve been deleted from Twitter entirely.

Unfortunately, Britain First don’t appear to be the only white supremacists that Trump follows on the social media site.

Saturday night, Trump went on a virtual spree, at least for his account, of retweeting sympathetic messages. One of those retweets was of a man named Jack Posobiec, a self-aggrandizing Nazi wannabe who has been a Trump supporter since very early on — primarily because of the overtly racist tone of the Trump campaign. Trump likely knows, if he actually does follow Posobiec’s account and didn’t just happen to see the tweet elsewhere, that Jack is a white supremacist. It would be pretty unlikely for Trump to unknowingly follow more than one white supremacist account.

What’s confounding about this retweet, however, is that Jack is no ordinary alt-right asshole.

That’s right — Jack is the man behind the plan to smear anti-Trump protesters at one of his rallies by pretending to be one while holding up a sign that said “RAPE MELANIA” is giant block letters.

After the news that Trump tried to pay James O’Keefe, the shady “filmmaker” who took down ACORN and faked a bunch of “baby parts” videos that still make Republicans cry at night, to make a fake movie about Barack Obama’s school records, it’s not hard to imagine that Trump is totally okay with lying to get what you want. So he wouldn’t necessarily have a problem with Posobiec in that regard.

But you’d think that the subject Jack chose – Trump’s own wife – would give him pause.

Not so much.

Surely, Melania will have nothing to do with Trump’s disgusting Twitter habits for much longer. In fact, it would be astounding if, as a woman, she wasn’t COMPLETELY aware of any man who ever made a statement about raping her, fake or otherwise.

This might just send her packing and make her Melania Knauss once more.

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