Melania Finally Stands Up To Trump, Trolls Him In The Most Brutal Fashion

On Tuesday afternoon, news broke that Melania Trump was finally making good on her promise to work on putting an end to cyber-bullying.

But the could present a bigger challenge than she could possibly realize.

According to the Washington Post:

First lady Melania Trump plans to convene tech giants including Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Snap next week to discuss ways to combat online harassment and promote Internet safety, according to four people familiar with her efforts.

The meeting at the White House, slated for March 20, marks the first major policy push in the first lady’s long-ago announced campaign to combat cyberbullying.”

As you can imagine, considering Melania is married to one of the biggest bullies in the history of mankind, the internet had a field day with this.

There are hundreds more where those came from.

Everyone makes a great point! She SHOULD be talking to her husband about this, which made us realize… Melania may actually be trolling him! I mean, think about it: She KNOWS her husband is an asshole. He’s made a fool out of her every single day of her marriage, with his bullying and cheating, especially now that he is the focus of the entire world. Hell, he makes a fool of himself every single day.

It would be impossible to list every single despicable thing Trump has done over the span of his lifetime, but since he began his campaign, and was somehow elected, his Twitter platform is a pretty good place to start. The New York Times actually compiled a list of 425 people, places and things that Trump has insulted on Twitter, which Melania should read before she goes to her meeting.

When President Dotard actually figures out what his wife is up to, he’s going to be LIVID! If all goes according to her plan, and the major internet and social media companies she’s meeting with decide to support her vision to put an end to cyber-bullying, Trump would be the first president in history to be banned from Twitter. The thought of that would make his head explode!

So, good luck Melania! We hope you get your wish.

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