McCain Crawls Off Taxpayer-Funded Death Bed To Vote Away American Healthcare (TWEETS)

There’s plenty of analysis out there about the why of Senator John McCain’s vote Tuesday afternoon, a vote that ended up being the deciding factor in advancing debate for the GOP plan to repeal Obamacare. I have no intention of going over it again here, because frankly, it pisses me off, as you can tell by the headline you clicked on.

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Instead, I’m gonna do a breakdown of where they’re at right now in the process, and then we can sit back together and read what Twitter thinks of the “Maverick” now that America’s done slobbering all over him for being “brave” and “cancer-stricken, but still a Republican asshole.”

First of all: Tuesday’s vote did not repeal Obamacare. What it actually did was open up debate for the bill and allow votes on amendments and versions and all kinds of procedural nonsense the Republicans like to do when they know America hates what they’re about to do.

For example, since the vote McCain participated in, they’ve already voted on another bill called the Better Care Reconciliation Act that senators Ted Cruz and Rob Portman put a couple of bullshit amendments into, but that failed, since it hadn’t been scored by the CBO yet, and therefore would have needed 60 votes. Not that it was even close — all the Democrats and nine Republicans voted against it.

Next up: A vote on a full repeal without a replacement, which will also fail. What they’ll probably end up with, in fact, is what they’re calling a “skinny repeal” — a not-quite-complete repeal of the ACA that just gets rid of the stuff that Republicans really hate the most about it (other than that it was signed by a black guy; they haven’t figured out how to repeal that part yet).

Sick of all that yet? Ready for tweets? Okay, here we go:

Everybody feel better now?

Because I think I’m gonna go throw up.

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