Mattis Is Visually Embarrassed As Trump Drops ‘Crooked Hillary’ Reference During Speech (VIDEO)

Trump is again making a fool of the United States, but this time on the world stage in front of three major world leaders. Still harping about Hillary Clinton, Trump referred to the former First Lady and Secretary of State as “Crooked Hillary.” In what world does Trump think it’s okay to bring up an issue that’s already been settled many times over? It’s only a matter of time before he starts on Obama’s birth certificate.

It’s childish acts like this that reveal how stupid Trump actually is. Can he really not restrain himself from making embarrassing remarks at a major summit of world leaders, and is he really so insecure that he still must mention a candidate that he did defeat in a general election?

And it gets worse. Secretary of Defense General Mattis was at the summit and visibly shook his head and looked downward as Trump mentioned Hillary. Even members of Trump’s own cabinet cannot fathom his behavior. What’s more, Mattis is one of the only sane members left in the Administration. And with Trump’s notoriously thin skin this could signal the beginning of the and for Mattis.

It’s further evidence that Trump is getting more nervous by the day about the Russia investigation. His outlandish and childish behavior shows that he is cracking. But unlike Humpty Dumpty, there won’t be anyone to help put the pieces back together again. Trump is quickly alienating himself from anyone who doesn’t want to be associated with his childishness.

It seems like an eternity since we had a president that actually acted presidential. The ultimate irony will be when Trump is still talking about “Crooked Hillary” from behind the bars of the federal penitentiary. And that day can’t come soon enough.

But before Trump spends the rest of his days in prison, we’re sure to hear more of these types of comments. Sit back and make your popcorn folks.

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