Math Is Hard: Trump’s Vice Chair Of Voter Fraud Panel Not Sure Hillary Won The Popular Vote (VIDEO)

When NBC’s Katy Tur asked Kris Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state and vice chairman of Donald Trump’s voter fraud panel, if Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in the 2016 election, he said the country “may never know.” But we do know. Hillary trounced Trump by 2.9 million votes.

Kobach told Tur, “We will probably never know the answer to that question.”

Tur asked Kobach if “the commission exists because the president believes he would have won the popular vote?”

“It’s not to justify, to validate or invalidate what the president said in December or January about the 2016 election,” he said. “The commission is to look at the facts as they are and go where the facts lead us.”

Before his interview with MSNBC, Kobach defended Trump after he devoted a good portion of his remarks at Wednesday’s panel meeting on voter fraud.

“One thing that the president didn’t say was he didn’t talk about the 2016 election, he didn’t ask the commission to validate or investigate any statements he’s made in the past about the 2016 election. That’s important, that’s not our charge,” Kobach told reporters after the meeting.

However, Trump has repeatedly talked about the 2016 election and experts have debunked Kobach’s claims in the past. Even Trump’s voter fraud expert was revealed to be registered in three states and owes a fuckton of money in unpaid taxes. The deeply insecure amateur president has tried to claim he won the popular vote on several occasions.


Nate Silver weighed in, “If we don’t know if Clinton really won the popular vote then we also don’t know if Trump really won the Electoral College.”

Trump’s panel is tasked with investigating the alleged president’s widely debunked claim that millions of illegal voters cost him the popular vote in November and that will cost taxpayers $500,000. Aren’t you glad your taxes will be going to a commission set up to help Trump because his feels are hurt?

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