Man Who Read Dr. Seuss In Senate Says Gun Control Filibuster Was ‘Political Show’ (VIDEO)

If there’s one person who should never be taken seriously, ever, it’s Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). If you recall, he’s the guy who thought it wise to try to filibuster the Affordable Care Act by reading the Dr. Seuss classic ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ on the floor of the Senate.

Now, he believes it wise to try and be taken seriously, all the while being completely wrong about the effort to pass common sense gun reform. You see, he thought Democrats fighting for proper gun reform with a 14-hour filibuster was a “political show.”

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Yeah, you read that correctly, Cruz believes that finally standing up to make actual change for the better in the nation is “political show,” but not his reading of a children’s book.

He said:

Yesterday we saw a political show on the Senate floor.


This is political distraction. This is political gamesmanship. And I think the American people find it ridiculous that in response to an ISIS terror attack the Democrats go on high dungeon that we’ve got to restrict the 2nd amendment rights of law abiding citizens. This is not a gun control issue. This is a terrorism issue. And it is nothing less than political gamesmanship for them to try to shift for their favorite hobby-horse, of taking away the Bill of Rights from law abiding citizens.

No, what the American people find ridiculous, aside from a sitting Senator reading Dr. Seuss, is our representatives sitting on their hands time after time after time these shooting massacres happen.

Also, wouldn’t it be nifty, if this were a “terrorism issue,” to not sell military-grade weapons to said “terrorists?” Just a thought, you know.

Oh, and no one is trying to take away the Bill of Rights. That, right there, is “political gamesmanship… to shift for [his] favorite hobby-horse” — guns manufacturer profits.

This man needs to stop playing make-believe cowboy, read his children’s book, and take a nap.

Watch the remarks of the storyteller here:

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