Majority Of Republicans Frighteningly Want Trump To Postpone The 2020 Election

This is how democracy dies.

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Donald Trump just got even closer to becoming a full-blown dictator.

As we all know, Trump accused millions of Americans of voting illegally in the 2016 Election in order to claim that he actually won the popular vote. State Republican officials across the country have rejected his claims, and rightfully so. After all, Trump provided zero evidence of voter fraud. He even created a voter fraud commission led by top Trump crony Kris Kobach to investigate but the investigation has found nothing. In fact, the commission has been a total and complete failure because states refuse to violate the privacy of their citizens by handing over their personal information.

Not only has every state in America rejected the commission’s request for sensitive voter information, studies show that voter fraud is incredibly rare in our country.

But now it appears that the true purpose of Trump’s commission has been revealed.

A poll conducted by the Washington Post frighteningly shows that 52 percent of Republicans would support Trump if he chose to postpone the 2020 Election using voter fraud as an excuse.

That’s right, Republicans are absolutely willing to let Trump kill our democratic process, an action that would allow him to remain in office indefinitely.

In addition, 47 percent of Republicans actually believe Trump won the popular vote. 68 percent believe millions of undocumented immigrants voted and 73 percent are convinced voter fraud happens very often, so most Republicans have no problem with Trump using voter fraud as an excuse to cancel the election.

This makes Donald Trump and his supporters the most dangerous threat to America right now. Forget about terrorism and nuclear war. Forget about climate change. Because those things don’t matter if our Constitution is overthrown. Those issues will simply be even worse if that happens.

These are the very same Republicans who accused President Obama of planning to cancel elections. They freaked out then, but are only too happy to cancel elections now if it means they can keep Trump in office.

Trump’s approval rating is in the toilet right now and his popularity is at an all-time low. He has been a complete failure and Americans can’t wait to kick him out of office. Faced with losing the 2020 Election, Republicans would rather just turn America into a dictatorship.

This is alarming and should outrage everyone. This is an assault on democracy and the Constitution itself. For all their claims to love the Constitution, Republicans just proved once and for all that they are willing to shred it to gain absolute power.

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