Major Department In Trump’s Admin Refused His Executive Order; Trump’s Response Is Insane

It’s no secret that Donald Trump thinks he can do anything he wants, at any time, no muss no fuss, no waiting.

That’s not exactly how the government works and watching this buffoon learn that has been one of the highlights of his tenure thus far — if you could, in fact, say there were “highlights” to such a train wreck of a presidency. Checks and balances are what make the three branches go ’round, and that just drives Trump crazy to no end. Unfortunately for him, Americans are not eager to let go of their democracy as easy as simply acquiescing to his crazy demands.

And in a shining example of that very thing, a federal judge reversed Trump’s Muslim ban — prompting a pretty serious reaction. The Washington Post reported:

“Tens of thousands of people had their visas provisionally revoked as part of the implementation of President Trump’s travel ban. But the State Department undid that action Saturday after a federal judge put the ban on hold late Friday.”

Imagine what it must have sounded like inside the White House when The Donald found out that the State Department had taken it upon themselves to un-revoke that many travel documents!

Trump absolutely lost his mind on social media, with a three-tweet outburst for the ages:

The president just can’t stand that so many Americans are determined to resist his “leadership” at every turn, and he’s running out of ways to deflect from his own shortcomings or circumvent the traditions and rules of our government. And at this point, there’s certainly no question in his mind that the more regressive his policies get, the more people they hurt, and the more they benefit only the affluent or his base, the stronger the resistance against him is bound to be.

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