Loser Trump Throws Early Morning Tantrum Over Healthcare Humiliation (TWEETS)


Donald Trump is a loser.

But he continues to remain in denial of that fact even though his attempt to strip healthcare away from 22 million Americans was a complete and total failure.

The Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s signature legislative achievement, is still very much alive.

And Trump can’t stand it.

That’s why he went on a tirade on Saturday morning demanding that Senate Republicans change Senate rules so that a 51-vote majority would be enough to pass any bills Trump wants.

Once again, Trump embarrasses himself by attacking his own party and refusing to acknowledge that his healthcare bill was a terrible piece of legislation.

The fact is that if Republicans change the rules of the Senate, Democrats would be able to to use the rule change to pass anything they want once they take over the Senate.

Furthermore, Trump is being a hypocrite since Republicans frequently obstructed President Obama. Trump wasn’t whining and calling for rule changes then.

Trump should admit defeat and move on.

So far, he has not signed one piece of major legislation. The healthcare fight has turned Americans against him and his party and has prevented Congress from addressing other issues. But even those other issues will likely stall out, especially if Trump continues to insist that Republicans keep trying to pass a bill that a majority of Americans despise.

Featured Image: Michael Reynolds – Pool/Getty Images

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