LOL: Hannity Commands Viewers To Attack Jake Tapper And It Backfires Spectacularly


This is definitely not what Sean Hannity had in mind.

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On his Fox News program on Monday night, Hannity urged his viewers to “take to the social media” and attack CNN host Jake Tapper for spreading “fake news.”

Hannity’s effort to use his viewers to attack Tapper comes after Tapper reported on how the late William F. Buckley’s son voiced his opposition to Hannity getting a media award named after his dad. The award was rescinded shortly after and Hannity threw a hissy fit about it.

Well, people swarmed Tapper on Twitter, but not in the way Hannity expected.

As it turns out, Hannity’s attack spectacularly backfired because people actually visited Tapper’s Twitter account to show support for the longtime news anchor.

And Jake Tapper responded to the kind comments and pointed out that Hannity’s effort failed miserably.

Fox News should seriously fire Hannity for abusing his platform. Directing your viewers to attack others is unethical and unprofessional and should at least draw a rebuke from Fox News. Hannity’s stunt was not only wrong, it ended up embarrassing the network because it rallied support for CNN at a time when Fox is slipping in the ratings to CNN and MSNBC.

Perhaps this is a moment that will spark more support for legitimate news organizations like CNN.

Featured image via Rick Diamond/Getty Images for WSB Radio

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