Lindsey Graham’s Tweets About Trump Are ‘Like A Babysitter Summarizing The Night To Parents’


While California burns to the ground, Puerto Rico continues to beg for help with recovering from Hurricane Maria, and Congress is fighting over the fate of DACA and various healthcare and assistance programs, Trump went golfing with Senator Lindsey Graham – we can only guess why. Afterward, Graham took to Twitter to stroke Trump’s ego – again, we can only guess why.

One Twitter user said Graham’s tweet sound like a babysitter telling a child’s parents what their child accomplished that evening. Won checkers, got all their math problems right on the first try, whatever. He’s not wrong. It does come across like that.

William LeGate sort of saw it that way too, using the #DonnyDaycare hashtag in his tweet and saying:

There are also others:

And, of course, Graham put himself down in a followup ego-stroking tweet that’s sure to make Trump’s ego burst with pride:

Many are angry that he and Trump went golfing when there’s so much on the table. Yes, people need breaks, but come on. Graham has never been a Trump fan, so what is this?

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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