Let’s Start A Campaign To Get Stephen Colbert To REALLY Run For President

Late Show host Stephen Colbert has rightfully been a vocal critic of Donald Trump, especially since Trump took office and proceeded to attempt to destroy the nation and succeeded in lessening our standing in the world. This is especially true when it comes Trump’s ties to Russia and their autocratic leader Vladimir Putin. Well, Colbert upped the ante a million fold this past week, and actually traveled to Russia.

This was a very brave move, considering how people who go up against Putin are treated in Russia. Goodness knows Colbert has had some real zingers that were heard around the world. While appearing on Russian late night television, Colbert made an announcement that stunned everyone: He’s running for president, and he decided to cut to the chase and tell the Russians first – clearly implying that they helped win (NEWSFLASH: they did).

Clearly, this is likely a joke. However, it’s really not all that crazy of a suggestion, considering who is sitting in the Oval Office now. After all, Trump is dumb, ignorant of the law and the functioning of government, regularly shows contempt for norms, basic decency, and the institutions of a functioning democratic republic, and should never have been elected president. Colbert, on the other hand, is smart, knows the Constitution, respects our institutions, and would not be a danger to the republic. To that end, the idea of a President Colbert is much more reasonable than what we have going on right now.

Therefore, I implore you, Stephen Colbert – turn what we presume was a simple joke into reality. Run for office, even if it’s not the presidency (though I really think you could beat Trump). There is also precedent for comedians becoming politicians. After all, Senator Al Franken (D-MN) was once a star on Saturday Night Live. And, of course, Trump’s last job was hosting a reality show where he routinely fired people while pretending to be a successful businessman (he’s not – he’s a con man).

In other words, considering what happened in this last election, perhaps we need someone who can out clown the clown currently sitting in the Oval Office. Stephen Colbert could certainly do that. Perhaps he can pluck Al Franken from the Senate to be his running mate. This “joke” should really become reality as far as I am concerned.

Featured image via Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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