LeBron James Just Fired Back At Trump’s Bestie Like A Boss After She Told Him To ‘Shut Up And Dribble’

It’s the rallying cry of every conservative when they’re threatened by people more famous than them speaking up about issues that are important: “Shut up and do what you’re paid to do. Celebrities shouldn’t weigh in on politics. Stick to music/movies/sports/whatever.”

I mean, I know they don’t expect us to take them seriously when they say that — and then bring guests on their programs like Ted Nugent or Phil Robertson or Scott Baio, or anyone else with enough celebrity profile to possibly convince someone of their point of view. That would make them huge hypocrites, right?

Somehow I don’t think they’re worried about it.

In fact, the latest high-profile conservative to voice this kind of hypocrisy is, of course, noted horrible person Laura Ingraham, who took exception to some recent remarks by LeBron James about Donald Trump on a podcast she no doubt has never heard a single full episode of. One of her producers told her about King James’ nastiness toward Prince Donnie and she ran with it herself, because she apparently couldn’t book Jon Voight, Curt Schilling, Suzanne Somers, or Clint Eastwood in time for the show.

Instead, she decided to run her own mouth about LeBron and fellow basketball god Kevin Durant “running their mouths” about Trump, saying “it’s always unwise to seek political advice from someone who gets paid $100 million a year to bounce a ball.” Laura Ingraham actually knows her lily-white audience so well that, even though she didn’t have a lily-white Republican celebrity there to back her up, she still felt empowered enough to tell possibly the greatest player in the history of the NBA to “shut up and dribble.”

LeBron bounced back at her, though:

The tweet that’s inside James’ tweet is one about the fact that the office of the podcast he said his “controversial” remarks on, Uninterrupted, has a neon sign in the entrance:

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