Leaked Pentagon Doc Proves Trump Lied About Gold Star Families – White House Knew The Whole Time

A newly leaked document from the Pentagon shows White House staff scrambled to find the names of Gold Star families after Trump claimed he had contacted the families of nearly every soldier killed in action during his presidency.

They were apparently told to turn Trump’s lie into truth after the fact, knowing the controversy would be worse if it came out that he lied (again). Even worse, the White House didn’t care enough to ask for regular updates on soldiers killed in action. The info they had was out-of-date.

So now we don’t have just the families’ words that Trump lied through his teeth, we have an internal document showing that White House staff knew he lied as soon as he said it. Their goal was to cover his sorry ass.

While yes, he’s been scrambling to minimize the damage by calling a bunch of them now, and he did contact some before, he did nothing like what he claims he did, which is par for the course for this administration.

However, in this case he lied to the faces of Gold Star families, seeing as how an updated report of who had been killed in action didn’t come out until hours after that almost-obscene speech of his.

Media outlets even began contacting the families themselves to see if Trump was being true to his word. It turns out that even according to them, he was not.

But then again, this is the man who just gave himself 10/10 for recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.

Bottom line: He lied to and about Gold Star families because he has to be the best. He has to put past presidents, including Obama, in their places of approaching him on bended knee.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images

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