Leaked Memo Shows Trump’s Secretary Of State Had To Learn Basic Diplomacy; This Is Pathetic

Rex Tillerson is a former energy executive and is currently the sitting Secretary of State serving under President Donald Trump. He was one of several executives that have taken the helm of government agencies in an attempt to “drain the swamp” – which hardly makes any sense in the first place, since he is one of several swamp monsters.

Tillerson is not a diplomat nor does he have a background in governing. His current responsibilities as the Secretary of State for the United States are so far removed from his past work history that a recent memo had to explain the basics of international diplomacy.

The Leaked Memo

Politico recently revealed a memo sent to Tillerson this year, explaining the basics of diplomacy, even underlining the fact that America’s diplomats should be supporting and treating allies better than enemy countries.

The memo was conjured up by Tillerson’s aide, Brian Hook. In the note, Hook informs Tillerson of what many may deem as the obvious: “[A]llies should be treated differently—and better—than adversaries. Otherwise, we end up with more adversaries, and fewer allies.”

The rest of the memo reads like a crash course for a businessman turned diplomat – which is precisely what Tillerson is. It also adds that Tillerson should focus on enemy countries like Iran, North Korea, and China and their lack of human rights, while being lenient when it comes to allies like Saudi Arabia, Philippines, and Egypt – even though they also represent a black hole when it comes to the country meeting the basic human needs of its citizens.

It is not entirely clear as to why Tillerson’s aide had to even write this memo, or if he had to do it out of Tillerson’s request or another higher up. However, this memo comes at a response when Tillerson made a remark in May 2017 that showcased his ignorance, saying that “it’s really important that all of us understand the difference between policy and values” like “freedom, human dignity and the way people are treated.”

Human rights is a delicate issue that needs to be approached with compassion, empathy, and sense of equity. Tillerson represents big money interested in maximizing costs with human rights and dignity as an expense.

Not sure why basic diplomacy is expected from an oil executive.

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