LEAKED: Donald Trump Caught On Audio Saying That He Will Sue CNN

This weekend, Donald Trump kicked off his re-election campaign’s financing efforts with a major fundraiser at his own Washington hotel Wednesday night, excluding the media of course,  but charging each person $35,000 to attend.

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An audio obtained by The Intercept from the night Trump appeared for a Republican National Committee gathering at his Washington hotel. As he spoke with attendees, Trump expressed delight about CNN’s troubles ever since the network had to retract a story they published about one of his former staffers.

Trump spoke with supporters about how he might sue the media outlet he hates the most. The fundraiser was off-limits to reporters, which is a new policy as former President Obama allowed the press into fundraisers where he would be speaking. Trump spoke at this fundraiser for over an hour.

Listen to the whole audio, below (Trump starts bashing CNN around 8:00):

In true Donald Trump form, he took the opportunity to praise his own record throughout his remarks, boasting of decreased border crossing figures by immigrants and a string of special congressional election victories. This is further proof that Donald Trump is a childish thin-skinned president who needs to ridicule others in order to feel superior. His actions wouldn’t be tolerated anywhere, yet people are allowing it from our president. There is not a single shred of sincerity   from this man.



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