Latest Time Magazine Cover Will Send Trump Into A Jealous Rage; Just Wait For It

There is a new boss in the White House and that has to mean bad things for Donald Trump. That’s because he hates to be OUTSHINED! Even if it’s by his own hire. Look how quick Scaramucci was out. Quicker than a Kardashian nuptial.

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This latest TIME Magazine cover isn’t going to settle the jealous beast inside of Trump either. It will feature Trump’s new Chief Of Staff John Kelly, and it’s going to highlight him as “Trump’s Last Best Hope”.

According to AxiosDeputy Editor Michael Duffy writes,

“A close aide: “Right now, [Trump is] very happy to have someone taking control. I think there will eventually be an adjustment period when he feels like things are working and some others that he wants to revert back.”

Don’t know how true that is. Let’s be real, Trump has issues with taking orders, unless they are from Putin of course. So this aide has it all wrong. What Duffy did get right was when he said,

“Trump gets bored with people easily and has a history of blaming aides for his own missteps. Even Kelly may not be immune.”

Now, we’re talking. Especially with the world highlighting Kelly right now. Trump is bound to turn on him out of spite and envy. Remember what happened when Trump’s homie, Steve Bannon scored a feature on the cover of TIME? Trump was pissed off. And that’s his “friend”. You see, Trump wants no one around him winning. He needs to be at the forefront of EVERYTHING. And he will remove anyone who gets in the way.


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