Latest Poll Reveals Trump Has Just Broken A New Record; This Is Mind Blowing

Donald Trump has hit a new low approval rating. The news will come as little shock to many who have been increasingly worried by Trump’s links to Russia. Though still to be proven, the special investigation by Robert Mueller seems to dig up more information daily that links Trump to Russia.

Newsweek has reported that the poll result makes Donald Trump the most unpopular president in history. Yet to respond, Trump is likely to take the news badly. Though he often only exists inside his own echo chamber, the egomaniac president is likely to take to Twitter to comment soon.

The poll from the Pew Research Center, mentions Trump has a disapproval rating of 63 percent. They concluded “Since Trump became president, his job approval ratings have been more polarized than past presidents during their first year in office. That remains the case today, but his job ratings are lower today among Republicans than they were in February.”

One of the most worrying aspects for Trump of the poll was that only 30 percent of respondents thought that collusion between Trump and Moscow “definitely or probably did not happen.” That’s an incredible figure, which finally proves that a majority of the public at least believe that there’s a possibility of collusion.

This week has marked a new low for the Trump administration. Earlier in the week, Trump was battered for his rambling speech on Pearl Harbor. This was closely followed by allegations that his son Donald Trump Jr. was refusing to comply with an intelligence committee and then to top it off, his wife Melania got the date of the attack on Pearl Harbor wrong in a tweet. In any other administration, this would end the whole debacle, in the Trump administration, it’s a normal week. Trump can now only have a matter of time left until even Republicans try to force him out and end this joke of a presidency.

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