Latest Poll Reveals A Statistic That Is Going To Infuriate Trump And It’s Not Fake News

Donald Trump has been working super hard at ignoring his Presidental duties and instead focusing on attacking CNN every opportunity he gets.

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It’s literally so embarrassing to even watch. He wants America to hate CNN and focus on them being FAKE NEWS all because they did a story he didn’t like. Poor President doesn’t like when the media does their job so he cries ‘lies’! Well, he’s really going throw a tantrum after what this recent poll says about him and CNN.

As reported by The Hill, CNN is actually more trusted than Trump is, according to a poll from Survey Monkey. Among all adults, trust for CNN is 7 points ahead of Trump; among independents, CNN wins by 15 points. However,  the poll was split as Republicans 

However, the poll was split amongst partisan lines, 89 percent of Republicans viewing Trump as more trustworthy than CNN while 91 percent of Democrats think the opposite. TIME Magazine reports that The survey found that adults also trusted the New York Times, Washington Post and network news programs like NBC, CBS and ABC more than the President.

Survey Monkey’s Jon Cohen said these numbers matter because

The fight … between the White House and major media outlets has made the question of truthfulness just as partisan-tinged as health care or other policies.

Cohen is right, truth shouldn’t be red or blue. And right now Trump has created it to be that way with his constant complaints about how the media covers stories. You’re the POTUS, Trump, you will always be covered by the media whether you like it or not. At this rate, nothing is going to get done while Trump’s focus is geared toward Fake News.

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