Latest Fox News Poll About Trump Has Some Unexpected Results; How Will Trump React?

We’re all well-aware that Fox News tends to promote only right-wing view points, and any news (false or not) slightly related to President Donald Trump would be fabricated in an attempt to boost the narcissist-in-chief’s ego.

Any chance they get, Fox News will tell their viewers what a great job Trump is doing and how impressed the rest of world is with him. Well, those days are long gone.

The right-wing media  just released a poll asking registered voters what words they would use to describe the president.

Here were the results:

From the data collected, four out of five people agree that Trump “says what he thinks,” which–let’s be honest–is a no-brainer. The second highest result was “bully.” That’s right, over half the respondents agreed they’d say he was a bully. You know, the type of person you typically tell your children to stir away from? But let’s take in consideration the words that came in dead last. Just one in four respondents thought Trum bp–who they, as Fox News watchers, moat-likely voted for — was a “moral leader” or “presidential.”

If that’s not shocking enough, take a look at this poll:

More than half of the voters confirm that Donald Trump is essentially “tearing our country apart.” More than half. 

Regardless of what anyone says, these results by themselves prove that #45 is an utter failure, who brought division and strife, instead of unity and peace. And Fox News doesn’t seem to disagree with that.




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