Kellyanne Sucks Up To Trump Over Afghan Girls’ Robotics Team, Forgets That HE Was Denying Them Entry

Saturday morning, in perfect form, Kellyanne Conway fired up the irony machine and got down to her job: Sucking up to Donald Trump. Sure, her official title is “Counsel” to the president, but her duties there are clearly negligible. I think we can all agree nobody is actually counseling that guy. Instead, Trump has created for himself an echo chamber in which everything he does is good. Any input matches the predetermined result.

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But what if he’s the reason something needed fixing to begin with? That’s what Conway addressed on Twitter Saturday, and the results were hilarious and sad:

I think she might have actually broken the recently-patented Trump Irony Meter™. Trump intervened in a visa case for the all-girl Afghan robotics team, and here’s Kellyanne thanking him for fixing the problem which was totally his fault.

Aside from the fact that Donald Trump is literally the definition of “all talk,” the action taken here wouldn’t have been needed if Trump himself hadn’t spent the last two years fomenting the worst kind of hatred toward Muslims imaginable. Although Afghanistan itself isn’t on Trump’s “travel ban” list, the directives he has given to agencies regarding the processing of Muslim would-be visitors, immigrants, and refugees have made it next to impossible to enter the US if you’re brown and face Mecca while you pray a few times a day.

The Afghan ambassador was careful with his thanks:

Seventeen years ago, this would not have been possible at all.”

That’s true — Seventeen years ago, Afghanistan was under Taliban rule. Girls didn’t even go to school, let alone enter robotics competitions. What Hamdullah Mohib failed to mention is that TWO years ago, it totally would have been possible under Obama’s policies. The last administration celebrated everything about the story of these young engineers: the fact that they were all girls, the fact that the girls pursued STEM interests, and the fact that they were representing a formerly oppressive country as emissaries of peace and goodwill.

Twitter, as usual, was quick to point out the fatal flaw in Kellyanne’s ass-kissing:

Then people got a little bit more specific:

But “Betty Cracker” summed it up best, before House Democrat Jared Huffman brought it down:

Let’s step it up, America. We’re well past the point where you thank your shitty husband for doing the dishes once after dirtying every dish in the house. Unfortunately, Trump still expects to be thanked.

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