Kellyanne Says Filling Out Simple Paperwork Has Prevented ‘Qualified’ People From Working For Trump

Thursday morning, Kellyanne Conway visited one of the few remaining “friendly” news outlets for Trump officials, and demonstrated why she’s so widely ridiculed at all the rest. In an appearance on Fox and Friends, Conway mourned the potential loss of many “qualified people” who might have taken jobs at the White House, if it weren’t for the “demoralizing” and “disincentivizing” task of filling out paperwork:

Despite her claims about the “transparency” of this administration, the tweet Kellyanne was responding to was one, now deleted, from newly minted Trump Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci decrying the “leak” of the publicly available financial disclosure he filled out to take the job:

Reporting a fellow member of the administration you work in for (maybe — it’s only an allegation) “leaking” a thing that’s public to the DOJ and FBI doesn’t seem all that transparent to me, honestly. That seems, in fact, a little suspicious. Like perhaps Scaramucci had no idea that his disclosures would be public, and for some reason he really didn’t like that.

Kellyanne had a theory as to why the information would be “leaked” in the first place:

Somebody doesn’t want him here. And somebody is trying to get in his way, and scare him off from working here, which is a huge mistake.”

I don’t know what the “mistake” would be there, if uh… It were even possible to “scare someone off” by “leaking” publicly available information, but I do know this: Nobody can make me use quotation marks the way Kellyanne Conway can. Oh, and I also know one more thing. The looks of concern on the faces of the Fox hosts as Kellyanne cries on air about how demoralizing it is to be forced to put your name in little boxes and report how much you earned last year in order to work in the highest security office in the country is absolutely priceless:

“Do you mean some… people… actually have to answer QUESTIONS?” (Image via screencap)

Watch the full exchange here:

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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