Kellyanne Conway Panics, Already Trying To Discredit The Grand Jury (VIDEO)

Late last month Donald Trump warned that special counsel Robert Mueller shouldn’t cross a line by looking into his finances. That’s like screaming, ‘Look into my finances!’ Mueller gave zero f*cks and crossed that line yesterday after it was revealed that he impaneled a grand jury and the probe has expanded into looking into possible financial crimes by individuals close to Trump. This ‘walls are closing in’ moment has put team Trump in panic-mode.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway appeared on her safe place, Fox & Friends, on Friday to discuss the grand jury so she pivoted to the importance of stopping leaks, which is another matter scandalizing Trump’s ‘presidency’ because the newest leaks reported by the Washington Post detail the former reality show star’s amateurish and inept attempt to talk to world leaders.


Conway went as far as to suggest giving White House staff members a lie detector test to determine who is leaking information.

“Well they may — they may not. There are many different ways to discover who is leaking,” Conway said. “This is really incensing the people who are here to serve and that begins with the president and the vice president, our Cabinet [and] our chiefs of staff.”

“Remember, grand jury investigations are meant to remain secret so someone leaked it. It could be anybody on the grand jury, could be one of the lawyers, it could be anyone I suppose. But what really should concern everyone are leaks that concern national security. Leaking phone calls of our president and other heads of state is nothing short of a national disgrace,” she said.

By slipping that into the interview, Conway is already trying to discredit the grand jury and Robert Mueller by proxy. She didn’t say anything about the Leaker-in-Chief who has revealed sensitive information on his Twitter timeline numerous times.  The leaks are due to a dysfunctional White House. This did not happen with former President Barack Obama.

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