Kellyanne Conway Just Threw Trump Under The Bus By Admitting The Truth About His Approval Ratings

In an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” Kellyanne Conway publicly admitted that Donald Trump’s approval rating among Republicans and Trump voters was “down slightly” and “needs to go up.”

A recent Quinnipiac University poll showed Trump’s approval rating at 33 percent. A Gallup poll reported it was 36 percent. However, the Quinnipiac poll found a 76 percent approval rating among Republicans.

Trump has always dismissed negative polling in the past as “fake” and said the media surveys cannot be trusted because they are biased. He really doesn’t have an excuse this time when his appointed counselor is practically agreeing with the polls.

Just when you thought  Kellyanne might actually be telling the truth, she follows up her statement by bragging about Trump’s economic numbers, since the White House has be trained to operate on lies.

She says:

“Nobody can deny these economic numbers. It’s been a great weekend for the president.”

Sure, Trump is attempting to make a strong economic gain, but how is anyone suppose to taking him seriously when he is taking a 17-day break from his agendas to golf?

Giving Trump credit for the state of the economy right now is the same as blaming Obama for the financial chaos when he took office. Then again, this is Kellyanne were talking about– we can only expect alternate facts from her.




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