Kellyanne Conway Does Damage Control For Trump, Begs NRA For Forgiveness

As it happens, it’s Donald Trump who will be coming for your guns, and not President Obama. During a meeting Wednesday on the issue of guns and gun control at the White House, Trump unnerved Republicans when he went off script. The National Rifle Association is scrambling after Trump suggested that police should have the right to take guns away and worry about due process later. It got worse for the gun group when Trump pushed to raise the age at which an individual can purchase a rifle from 18 to 21. He even accused Senators of being ‘afraid of the NRA.’ He actually had some lucid moments that left Americans with their jaws dropping.

So now, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway is scrambling in order to smooth things over for nervous Republicans and make nice with the NRA after Trump’s support of universal background checks and even a ban on assault rifles.

During an interview with “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning, paid liar Kellyanne Conway made sure to remind the network’s viewers about Trump’s secret meeting with the NRA over the weekend.

Conway was asked if the NRA “has to be at the table as well.” Liddle Kellyanne responded to say, “Well, they were at the table. They were at the table, a private table with the president over the weekend.”

“He is also listening to them,” Conway said, then shouted out a list of NRA-supported policies that Trump supports, including having armed teachers in schools.

Watch (Facebook video; click the volume icon for sound):

It’s not that Trump’s ideas on gun control are bad, because they’re actually good with the exception of forgoing due process. It’s that no one believes a man who has told over 2,000 lies in one year. Democrats have been screaming for gun control measures for years, but the NRA’s hefty donations bribes to elected officials have kept Republicans from even discussing common sense policies.

Image via screen capture.

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