Kellyanne Conway Caught In A Massive Lie About Latest Russian Scandal; Her Face Says It All (VIDEO)

On Monday’s segment of ‘Good Morning America’ Trump’s wing-woman Kellyanne Conway, tried to explain why Donald Trump Jr. didn’t disclose his confab with a Russian lawyer sooner — and why the pretense of learning damning info on Hillary Clinton wasn’t a treasonous act whatsoever.

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Watch the video, below: 

For those who don’t keep up with Kellyanne Conway’s lies, here’s the breakdown:

When she knows for a fact that she’s been caught in a massive lie her right eye starts to close and her voice goes deeper. Botox aside, it’s the look of exhaustion. It almost (keyword: almost) makes you feel sorry for her because she has to constantly keep up with the lies of the Trump administration.

Donald Trump Jr. already confirmed that “disclosures have been amended” and Kellyanne has the nerve to say that there wasn’t. Why even have her on the show? This woman is the top snake in Trump’s swamp of creatures. She wouldn’t tell the truth if it hit her in the face, so the media needs to do us all a favor and stop giving her air time.




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