Keith Olbermann EXPLODES After Trump Escalates War Rhetoric, And It’s Epic

Donald Trump’s war rhetoric aimed at North Korea drew the ire of Keith Olbermann, who promptly tore apart Trump’s tough-guy act.

On Friday morning, Trump continued to march America toward nuclear Armageddon with a tweet warning North Korea that America is “locked and loaded.”

Trump made it clear that he isn’t even bothering to seek diplomatic solutions to North Korea’s sabre-rattling, relying solely on military solutions instead.

But Trump doesn’t seem to realize or care that a United States attack on North Korea could result in retaliation from China, a confrontation that would set the world ablaze.

Keith Olbermann recognized this immediately and proceeded to slam Trump and call for his impeachment in an epic Twitter rant.

And Olbermann is right. China has, in fact, warned the United States against attacking North Korea.

Furthermore, China has made it clear in the past that they also have nuclear weapons they are willing to use, even going so far as to demonstrate Chinese military power with a nuclear bomber flyover in December after Trump violated American foreign policy by taking a phone call from Taiwan’s president.

Pissing off China again would be a massive mistake, especially since China can pull economic triggers against the United States as well as military triggers.

Trump is mentally unfit to be president and he needs to be impeached before he drags America to war and starts World War III.

Featured image via Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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