Kayleigh McEnany Quit Her Job To Work On Trump’s State-Run TV Program On Facebook

A CNN employee has jumped ship, leaving her job to work for Donald Trump. Oh, it’s no one you liked and no one who mattered — just Kayleigh McEnany — but the desperation of the Trump administration has reached the point that they are doing crazy sh*t like resurrecting forgotten campaign relic Katrina Pierson to push the “collusion is not a crime” narrative and experimenting with state-run television.

The day after she left CNN, McEnany showed up on Donald Trump’s “Real News” program which he posts to Facebook each week now, apparently. The first installment was a disaster, with his daughter-in-law humuliating herself trying to lie for him. Since Lara Trump was such a failure, he hired a professional liar for his propaganda show.

Weekly Update 8.6.17

Join Kayleigh McEnany as she provides you the news of the week from Trump Tower in New York! #MAGA #TeamTrump

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Sunday, August 6, 2017

Though Trump presents this as “Real News” — his counter to the media peskily throwing out negative yet true information about him, his administration, Russia, and probably a pee-pee tape or two in the future, the goal seems to be solely to do what all dictators do at some point when their power and influence begin to wane: discredit the free press.

Don’t worry, though. If McEnany seems like a thoroughly unprincipled trashbag who will do anything for money even if it means lying to her fellow Americans for a wannabe tinpot dictator, you just need to understand that one of those principles happens to be that it’s perfectly OK to lie for a wannabe tinpot dictator if money is involved.

For some reason, though, Americans seem to frown on the idea of the President setting up his own state-run television:

Trump’s desperation is pretty obvious to all but the most stupid among us at this point. He may have his state-run TV, but even that won’t save him and his cohorts from the storm that is coming.

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