John McCain Goes On Spectacular Anti-Trump Rampage, Torches Pro-Russia Remarks (TWEETS)

Earlier today, Donald Trump went off on one of his insane Twitter rants. This time it was in defense of Russia and its leader, Vladimir Putin. Trump not only defended Putin (who is practically his role model) from the election hacking accusations, but he sent a major ‘f*ck you’ to Americans by saying he would work with Russia on cyber security – a move that has everyone going “WTF”?!

No one has been able to hold back on the idiocy of this highly flawed plan, and many politicians are publicly condemning Trump for proposing such a stupid idea. On CBS’ Face The Nation, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) didn’t hold hack as he blasted Trump for playing so nicely with Russia. In a brilliant moment that reflects how most of America feels, McCain unapologetically pointed that that of course Russia could help with cyber security – because they’re the ones doing the hacking! You can watch McCain make an absolute fool out of Trump in the clip below as he says:

“I am sure that Vladamir Putin could be of enormous assistance in that effort since he is doing the hacking.”

Exactly. Trump has had a lot of failures and idiotic ideas during his short presidency, but this is one of the most insane. To invite the same people who hacked the U.S. election to work on cybersecurity is a joke and an insult to the country. McCain couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous the entire thing was, even as he insulted his party’s own president.

McCain isn’t alone. Many other prominent GOPers are having similar, negative reactions to Trump’s latest moronic plan – and they’re losing their reservations about criticizing a Republican president. You can read their responses here.

Featured image via Win McNamee  and Sean Gallup / Getty Images

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