John Legend Just SCHOOLED Trump’s Bratty, Privileged Son On Racism

Donald Trump Jr. (as if one wasn’t already enough) got completely owned by singer John Legend over Twitter, for showing just how much of an ultra-douchebag he is, as if just looking at him doesn’t tell the full story on that.

Junior was whining because protesters made his racist daddy have to shut down a speaking event in Chicago, and thought he would be really smart by trying to make fun of protesters from the safety of his penthouse.

When will right-wingers ever figure out that when you put something on the internet, other people will see it? That’s exactly what happened when singer John Legend saw Junior’s comments and fired back at him, explaining just how stupid he is.

Someone on Twitter named “RedKneckHillBilly” (clearly a very accurate name) decided to white-knight Junior and come to his rescue by attempting to call Legend uneducated. Cause he’s not white, right? Anyway, Legend freakin’ owned this guy too.

Legend, Trump, and Junior all went to the same university. Clearly RedKneckHillBilly did not.

The protesters being referred to by Junior turned out in Chicago to counter protest Trump after his followers and supporters were being encouraged by him to physically assault anyone causing “trouble” at one of Trump’s rallies. After a black man was sucker punched by a white Trump supporter and the black man was arrested for it, people had enough of it and completely shut down Trump’s scheduled event in Chicago.

Later Trump denied responsibility for the violence at his own rallies after he has spent weeks encouraging his own supporters to harm people who he didn’t like. This followed him promising to cover their legal fees if they got arrested for doing so. Even Fox News has been on the Trump apologist tour, by saying the violence can’t be attributed to Trump. Yes, yes it can be. He’s been advocating it for weeks now and has been encouraging his supporters to do it. At least we have a few sane voices like Legend’s left to point out exactly where the blame lies.

Featured image via youtube screen capture

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