John Kelly Freaks Out After POTUS Fires Rex Tillerson, Screams In Trump’s Face (DETAILS)

Every single one of Donald Trump’s senior advisors has HAD IT with the president and his erratic, reckless behavior.

Earlier today, America once again saw how unhinged Trump has become when he fired his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. While it was known by a few people in the White House that Tillerson was on the chopping block and would be going soon, no one knew exactly when Trump was going to strike – and apparently, that day was today.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly might have known that Tillerson was on his way out, but nothing could have prepared him for the onslaught of negative media coverage that would follow Trump’s announcement – which, by the way, was made on Twitter. Many in Trump’s White House, including Tillerson himself, wouldn’t find out until hours later.

That was just too much. Kelly, who has tried to maintain some sort of law and order in Trump’s circus of an administration, had apparently reached his last straw with the president with Tillerson’s firing and totally lost it.

According to Politico, Kelly and Trump were aboard Air Force One when Kelly saw the horrific coverage on television and flipped out on Trump. Two ranking administration officials stated that Trump was so furious, he was heard violently yelling at the television while Trump was just a few feet away in the room.

We can’t blame Kelly for being upset, as he has done his best with the very little he had to work with. Keeping a man baby like Trump in line proved to be impossible, and the fact that Trump finally reduced Kelly to a temper tantrum signals that the senior advisor has had enough. None of us would be surprised if Kelly is the next to resign and abandon Trump.

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