Joe Biden Is The Lifeguard That Could Save America From Drowning

When Joe Biden went back on Monday to the public pool he worked at as a lifeguard back in 1962, it was for a ceremony. He sat in the lifeguard’s chair once again as they renamed the pool, once called Prices Run, as the Joseph R. Biden Jr. Aquatic Center. It was at this pool that Biden learned some of the life lessons that would later inform his politics, not least of which were lessons on race. Before he was “Uncle” Joe, he was the only white lifeguard on duty at that pool:

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I remember one lifeguard asked if I had a five-gallon can for gasoline. I said ‘No I don’t. But what do you need it for?’ He said, ‘I’m going down to see my grandmom in North Carolina. We can’t stop at most gas stations. They won’t let us stop at most gas stations.’ I learned a lot.”

As we all know, the internet has flattened the globe — we all see what’s going on all the time.

So when a photo of Uncle Joe being honored went viral on Twitter, the internet got in on the action:

Some folks compared Joe to other potential lifeguards…

While some wished Joe would do more than sit there:

And other lifeguards took pride in the company they kept:

But the real question was,

Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki may not have sounded quite as excited as “BFD” Biden did at the signing of Obamacare, but he did note how special the ceremony was:

It’s not the Medal of Freedom, but for people around here, it means every bit as much, if not more.”

Joe did give the onlookers at least a little of what they wanted, if only in a fake-out. Watch:

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